By The Horns moving to Surrey

By The Horns Brewery

Having outgrown their current site, By The Horns brewery are on the move to Redhill, Surrey.

They have chosen to locate in Redhill so they were able to build and maintain a sustainable business. This was not achievable in the current location due to current buildings and environment constraints. On a chance cycle through the Surrey Hills they discovered the perfect location where they would be able to create their own custom made brewery to their specification. As well as brewing beer on site they will be looking forward to welcoming the local community into the brewery for tours and sampling once Covid restrictions are lifted and it is safe to do so.

Founded in 2011 by Alex Bull and Chris Mills, By The Horns Brewing Company has been brewing beer inspired by their love for both American craft beer and British real ales. Today, the award-winning brewery brews up to 20,000 pints of beer every week and operates a busy taproom on site in south west London. Their range has evolved over the past ten years, reflecting the changing palate of today’s beer drinker.

By The Horns Brewery

At the new site in Salfords (near Redhill) a custom made brewery with a semi-automated 30HL  3 Vessel Brewhouse has been installed on their 5000 sq ft site. Instead of heating using electricity, the brewery will use a steam boiler. This will streamline the brewing process and increase efficiency reducing overall energy consumption. Instead of pre crushed malt being delivered twice weekly in 25kg bags, By The Horns have invested in malt silos and a milling system so they will only need to take one delivery monthly heavily reducing delivery volumes and miles on the road. Alongside the existing fleet of fermentation vessels (7x20HL, & 2x50HL) additional capacity has been added consisting of 3 x 60HL & 3 x 90HL vessels, which increases the overall capacity by nearly 300%.