‘Make Mine a Pint’, CAMRA Tells Government

CAMRA full pint

The Campaign for Real Ale is arguing that return of the Crown mark on pint glasses should be matched with a change in the law to make sure drinkers always get a full pint of beer at the bar.

At the moment a pint of beer isn’t defined in law as 100% liquid meaning consumers could be short-changed every time they buy a pint – and don’t have any recourse if a top-up is refused.
The Campaign for Real Ale is asking the Government to use the return of the Crown mark and forthcoming changes to weights and measures legislation to ensure consumers always get a full pint of beer.

Whilst the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy acknowledges that “the Crown stamp gave customers confidence that they were not being sold a short measure of beer”, CAMRA wants the Government to use a recently announced consultation on changing the law on weights and measures – together with the reintroduction of the Crown mark – to make sure pub goers have a legal right to receive a pint that is 100% liquid.