SIBA Homebrew Winning Beer to hit Bars

SIBA Homebrew Beer 2023

A hazy pale named the best homebrew is set to hit the bar in a select number of venues across the UK after winning a prestigious beer awards run by the Society of Independent Brewers

Originally brewed by champion homebrewer Sam Thakker-Jones for the SIBA Homebrew Beer Awards, the recipe was upscaled for commercial production at Quantock Brewery in Somerset and will now get a Limited National release.
Sam said “It’s been amazing brewing here at Quantock, really in-depth, really friendly, getting closely involved in every part of the process – from milling the grain this morning, to mashing in, adding hops, right through to the end of the brew day. I’ve loved every second of it.

The hazy pale ale “Push the Button” was named as a tongue-in-cheek jibe at the differences between homebrewing and commercial brewing, where the much larger scale means some elements have to be automated. The brew makes use of an experimental new American hop ‘HBC 586’, making the finished beer “hugely aromatic and hoppy with aromas and flavours of tropical and stone fruit, backed up with citrus notes and a soft mouthfeel”.

As well as being available in Quantock’s taproom and specially selected venues across the UK, including Sam’s home town of Bath, a limited amount of the beer will also go into cans and be available via the Quantock webshop.