June 15th is Beer Day Britain

Beer Day Britain 2023

Beer Day Britain, the UK’s annual national beer day is happening on June 15 2023

Hundreds of thousands of beer drinkers will be celebrating Beer Day Britain as they do each year.   The focus of the day is the National Cheers To Beer (#cheerstobeer) toast at 7pm.  This simple activity is not only marked across the UK but by beer drinkers around the world who participate each year on June 15, with so many people joining in that #cheerstobeer trends on social media.

Jane Peyton, beer sommelier and instigator of Beer Day Britain said ‘Every day is beer day for beer lovers, but June 15th is extra special and gives us a chance to celebrate the national drink. And beer tastes so much better when consumed with friends in a pub with a great atmosphere!

Visit the Beer Day Britain Website